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                                                                                                    A Letter From Tux Panda


May 1st, 2010.

Dear Shanghai Resident,


            The timing has come for the City of Shanghai to feature its very own team of Full Service Rental Professionals that cater to the same charismatic events we hold back in our respective countries.  Foreign operated and invested, with over 15 years of combined rental industry management back in the States, the Panda Party Rental team understands our Clients’ expectations on putting together unique, memorable events that will be recorded into memoirs for ages to come.  


Whether it is the launching of a new Product Brand in downtown People’s Square, the annual Corporate Banquet on the Golf Course, an elegant outdoor Wedding Reception at the International Church, the revived Holiday Festival with the Locals, or the private Rooftop Party with Family and Friends, we at Panda Party Rental welcome the opportunity to make your cherished event our responsibility.


            Thank you for taking the time to visit us on our new site.  We hope to hear from you Soon.                




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