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Theo Chab

Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Born in Long Island, New York, Theo has been in the Rental Industry for over 8 years now and safely maintains the US event crew back in the States.  Not very distant by phone contact, Theo has a thorough understanding of Business Management Administration (BMA) and has a keen eye for appointing authority to trusted, PRC Company delegates here in Shanghai.

Darlene Rodriguez

Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Darlene has been in the Wedding Services arena for over 7 years now.  Coming from an accounting and marketing management background, Darlene's a naturally meticulous, hands-on mentality has allowed her to supersede former company growth targets and make international expansion projects a reality.

Dean Chan

SH Business Development  Director (BD).  An American born with Chinese charactericstics, Dean has been living and working in China since 2006.  He has worked with different sectors of the Chinese economy for various Commercial Projects including Real Estate Investment, Renewables (Solar), PE Finance (Brokerage), Market Research, and Rental Services. 

Cici Zhang

China Liaison Officer.  A native of Anhui Province, China, Cici's straightforward, hardworking philosophy has allowed her to survive and prosper in a dynamic city environment such as Shanghai.  She has professional experience within the Services Industry due to her former management experience with top class private dental clinics in the Puxi region.
Tux Panda
Public Relations Officer.  This larger-than-life Amulet always dresses for the occassion with his sparkling Black and White Tuxedo.  He's a rare, loveable Panda and we enjoy the Charismatic smiles he brings to our team as we look forward to serving the Shanghai Event Community.  Tux Brand Modeling - that's where the party is at!



Industry Associations
American Rental Association (ARA)
Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)
Wedding Industry Professionals Association (WIPA)
US Affiliates
FL Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Small Business Administration (
PRC Affiliates
Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)
Shanghai Entrepreneur Group (SEG)
Qingpu Economic & Trade Processing Association